1950s Picquot Ware Tea Set With Tray.5 Pieces


5 Piece 1950s Picquot Ware Tea Set.


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These items are amazing in their construction and beauty. They were designed in 1938 but the advent of WW11 prevented production. They were eventually produced in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s by Burrage and Boyde of Northampton.  The bodies and lids are ‘Magnailium’, an alloy of Manganese and Aluminium. They are cast in one piece to avoid the possibility of leaks and with precision engineered lids which are an exceptionally good fit. 
The handles are Sycamore wood and when the lids are open, fit beautifully together in yet another stunning detail. This Teapot has seen some use and is in good condition retaining its highly polished finish with just a little staining inside, which is inevitable when making tea.  It has the look of silver with the colour and depth of shine, but does not need the maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.
This set is 50 or 60 years old so it has many very small marks & imperfections which don’t really show up in the photos.This being said it is very shiny with good handles.
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