Vintage Schlarraffia Uhu Badge 1960s


1960s Schlarraffia Uhu Badge


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Rare as a rare thing!
In 1859, artists of the former german theatre in prague founded a mens society, – the Schlarraffia.for like minded older men, based on the knightly framework of the middle ages, and revolving round good cheer and jousting.
Meetings are held in castles and there is a feudal system to joining the clubs, which can take years.
Since one of the rules is fluency in the German language,the majority of the associations are based in German speaking countries, and where German speakers have emigrated,- North America, South America, Australia and the Far East, as well as Belgium France and Spain.
Schlaraffian latin is used to describe many item in a humorous way.
The  “Schlaraffia” today has around 11.000 members in 260 clubs worldwide, of which 22% are in Austria.
All are united under the umbrella of the Allschlaraffia and the Uhu, symbol of wisdom watches over them.

” As he enters a ‘castle’ and comes under the rule of Uhu, the great horned owl of Minerva, he is expected to forget all foolish things, of everyday life”
This owl or Uhu is 4 cm in diameter and -5cm tall
Very good condition.

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