Vintage Murano Glass ‘Tre Fuochi’ Gilded Cobalt Posy Basket


Vintage Bonbon dish.


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Part of a collection of vintage Murano and other European Mid Century art glass we have in stock.

Fabulous Cobalt Blue flower basket with 24ct gold and enamel applied – Tre Fuochi.

One more example of expensive glassware is gold-leaf and enamel-decorated Murano Glass made in a rare technique called Tre Fuochi, which means “three flames” or “triple-firing” in Italian.

This technique hails from the opulence of the eighteenth century Venice where many wealthy Venetians and foreigners sought out exclusive tableware to show off their elite status at dinners and balls.

Tre Fuochi technique involves lots of expensive 24 karat gold and painstaking manual work of painting gold leaf and enamels on the glassware.

This beautiful basket is 7″ tall and 4 3/4″ across the basket.

No chips or cracks, just fabulous.