Gypsy Showman’s Waggon Giant Wooden Model.


19th Century Giant Wooden Showman’s Waggon.Gypsy Vardo.


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This amazing unique large model of a Showmans Waggon from the 19th Century took four years to build, and decorate.

Charlie our cat is not included in the sale, just to give a bit scale, though she is quite large!

Incredible attention to details, with opening drawers and cupboards, bolts on doors etc.
Not a toy, but a faithful museum worthy replica.
32″ to the end of the  horse traces, 19″ high x 11″ wide.
Ornate carvings which almost cover the exterior of the waggon include bunches of grapes, a golden horses head, golden wings, heads of lions (or bears not sure which).They are finely executed and in keeping with the traditional carvings found on waggons of this period.
The shutters work on the windows, which look like they have stained glass in them.
The steps are removable, as is all the interior furniture,(drawers and doors open) which has been made to fit, and once again, modelled on the type of furniture found in these waggons – corner display cupboards, cooking range with chimney extraction on the roof etc.
There is one small ornate door missing from the back tool compartment (we have the other one)
Incredible condition for its’ age, obviously a work of love.
More photographs available.