Chums 11″ Portable Retro Manual Typewriter. Ivory.


11″ of portable fun!

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Fabulous and seriously cool ivory coloured Chums retro manual typewriter

Traditional manual typewriter

No batteries or power required

  • If you want to go back to the old way of writing letters and documents, this 11-inch portable typewriter could be just right for you. You are ready to write in an instant, with no batteries, power cords, expensive software or screens needed.
    The perfect solution to writing letters, addressing envelopes, making notes or writing your great novel accompanied by the nostalgic click-clack sound, the 11-inch portable typewriter comes in its own carry case to make it easy to take anywhere. It also comes with a dual colour ribbon to type in black or red.
    The dimensions of the typewriter are 4″H x 15 1/4″W x 13 1/2″D. It weighs 7.5kg, so is conveniently compact and light.
    If you want to write without needing a computer or power, the 11-inch portable typewriter will take you back to an age when writers did not have to wait for their laptop to boot up, worry about viruses or accidentally deleting word files. It’s a wonderful way to disconnect yourself from the sometimes overbearing digital world.
  • No hard case just the plastic cover.