C.H Brannam Puzzle Jug Early 20th Century


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C.H Brannam Puzzle Jug Early 20th Century

One of a small collection of early 20th Century ceramic Puzzle Jugs made in Barnstaple England..

Made by CH Brannam with  backstamp pre 1913.

The jugs were entirely hand-made and required considerable skill and patience in manufacture. The body was thrown and at the top of the narrow neck the rim was turned over to leave a hollow tube inside.  The handle was made by rolling a ball of clay round a piece of thick cord which was left slightly protruding at each end; a hole was punched low in the jug, and another at a corresponding point in the hollow rim and the handle carefully fixed to these two holes so that the cord protruded slightly into the jug at the bottom and the hollow rim at the top.  Three tiny conical spouts were then thrown and each was fixed to a further hole punched on the hollow rim. Finally a small hole was drilled underneath the handle at the point where it joined the rim, a pattern of numerous holes was made all round the vertical neck of the jug and the whole was coloured and decorated as required.

Excellent condition with no chips or cracks or crazing to the glaze

Motto reads:’From Mother Earth I claim my birth, and I am made a joke for man- how I am here filled with good cheer come taste me if you can.’

10cm tall

Attractive butterfly  design on mustard glaze