Art and Society;”SEX”.Ken Baynes.1972.Welsh Arts Council


Art and Society 1972 “SEX” by Ken Baynes .Paperback.First Edition.


Art and Society series ‘SEX’ by Ken Baynes for Welsh Arts Council 1972.First edition.

Part of a collection of books which were the property of the biographer of Eduardo Paolozzi.

Published by Lund Humphries, of Bradford and London, for the Welsh Arts Council. Some of the volumes were also published in the United States by Boston Book and Art Publisher, Boston, MA.

Lund Humphries described the series as follows:
The aim is to show something of the role that art plays in the major concerns of human life. We are used to thinking of art as something rarefied – perhaps even as something distant from everyday existence. But the great majority of works have a far more immediate kind of purpose. This does not mean that they are trivial. Indeed, they represent that part of culture which is most active in the minds and imaginations of ordinary people. The ‘Art and Society’ series attempts to give an answer to the question ‘what use is art?’ It does not do this in any theoretical way. Instead, each book illustrates the things that people actually have made and used so that the range of activities is at once obvious..

Paperback bound in white pictorial wrappers. 96 pages. Size: 255 x 225 mm.

Very good condition.

Copiously illustrated, with black and white and colour photographs