Aphra O’Connor Coaming Series No. 1 Large Ceramic Vase


Coaming Series No.1 Large Ceramic Vase by Aphra O’Connor

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Coaming Series No.7.
The Coaming and Camber series explores the discarded objects on the Parkol Marine boat building yard in Whitby, North Yorkshire.
O’Connor celebrates the enduring local boat building industry by following the construction of a new fishing vessel at the site and responding to the forms found in ceramic.
The ‘Camber’ is a measure of lateral main deck curvature in naval architecture and the ‘Coaming’ is any vertical surface on a ship designed to deflect or prevent entry of water.
O’Connor is now completing a Masters in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art in London.

Ceramic, Cobalt,Tin Oxide, Magnesium, mixed glazes.

36cmH x 21cmW x 21cmD